Frizzle’s Best Friend

In my last post about Frizzles I started talking about his best friend Bagheera. About 10 minutes before writing this I finally managed to snap a picture of him! Jpeg

I’ve been trying to get a picture of him for ages! Here’s a little bit about Bagheera and the way he acts. About a year ago I saw him on a walk I was taking. He looked pretty hungry so I ran home and with permission grabbed a handful of cat treats. When I got back he was still just sitting there in the grass. I gave them to him and he almost immediately started purring. I sat there petting him for about half an hour until I left to go home. About 2 months after a neighbourhood cat named Clover who also had no home came to our deck. We fed her some food because she looked like she was starving. After we fed her she kept coming back so we kept feeding her. After a while the other kitties in the neighbourhood caught on to how she was eating so well. So Domino, Scarface and Bagheera started coming and eating the food too. Domino and Scarface still appear often but our main visitors are Clover and Bagheera. Frizzles loves to go outside. Frizzles doesn’t get along with the other kitties too, too well but for some reason him and Bagheera got along right away. So I guess they’re best friends now. They don’t exactly play or anything but they do hang out together and lay down in the grass together. SO that’s the story of Frizz’s best friend Bagheera


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Frizzles and his Adventures

As you may know in my family we own two cats, Frizzles and Lucius. It isn’t hard to decide which one is more interesting, playful, friendly and adventurous. Lucius is more of a big lump who sleeps all day. The last post I wrote about Frizz was almost a year ago I’m pretty sure an he’s gotten up to way more than that by now.

IMG_2033 Frizz.jpg

About a year ago we got Frizzles a leash. We sometimes take him for “walks” which is mostly just him wondering around and whoever is taking him following around. Frizzles has got to be the most spoiled cat I know. Frizzle’s best friend is a neighbourhood cat named Bugera. Bugera is a black cat that has no home. My family leaves out food for him every day and sometimes we take him inside. When Frizzles wants to go outside, he makes sure we know it. He meows and meows and meows and meows untill we have no choice but to bring him outside unless we all want headaches. Frizzles favourite treat is Temptations. Whenever he hears a bag being shaken or his treat jar being opened he comes bolting across the house to get them. I’m sure I’ll be writing more of Frizzles adventures as they never seem to end.

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The Quebec Trip

This Easter I went to Quebec with my brother, nana and grandpa. I had a really fun time there so I thought I would write about it. We went there for Easter to see the Bowker’s place up at the farm. We spent 2 full days there and 2 days just driving. Driving there and back took about 17 hours total. My Grandma Bowker made us tons for great food and I think we all stuffed ourselves everyday. We set up the trampoline and for the first full day there we were probably on it a quarter of the day. We also ate out at a French restaurant. I could actually read and understand about half the foods on the menus because I pay attention in French class at school! The second full day there (Easter) it was raining though. It was definitely an indoor day. I hung out with Josh and played Minecraft with him and Emery for a few hours. On the last day we took pictures before we left. Jpeg

The way back way as short as we could make it. I really did miss home. Once I got back though I began to miss Grandma’s homemade bread right away!

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Seventh Grade

Seventh grade is a big step up from grade six. It was especially difficult adjusting to the new grade because I now have a locker, am on a new floor in the school and only know half the people in my class. As some people may know, last year was my first year at a new school, Prince of Wales, so I really only knew the people from my class last year. Eventually I figured out who my new friend group was going to be, and I settled in to the new class. My teacher is Mrs. Taitinger. She is very strict (She probably seems more strict then she really is because my last teacher was super gentle) and sometimes very nice. Most of my classmates I can describe in one work, ‘Immature’. I feel like Grade Seven is the year where half the class goes absolutely insane and the other half matures even more. I’d like to think i’m on the maturing side. The main problem for me right now is that my best friend Terrence is still at a different school. We still see each other just not very often. While i’m writing about Terrence I should probably point out Fantamon is pretty much a one-man operation now. He has stopped making them but I haven’t given up for those of you who were wondering. Anyways, I should probably wrap up this post. Thanks for reading!

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My other blog.

Hello! If you want to see more on my Fantamon TCG project than make sure to check out my other blog at

I don’t post that much but there (hopefully) is pretty interesting. Enjoy! 🙂

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My LEGO Project

Hello, readers! I have begun to work on a project using LEGO bricks. I am going to be creating a LEGO city! Today I bought a LEGO CREATOR set 31056 “Green Cruiser”  to start my collection. I’m thinking on building it on 4 36×36 Grey Base Plates. I might add a few shops and a home with some vehicles on the street. I’m not quite sure when I’m going to get around to building it but for now I’m buying sets from Walmart. Sorry that this is a small article. Thank you for reading! If you have any thoughts please E-Mail me or comment down here. \/ \/ \/ =)

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Fantamon TCG! -Updates

Hello! I am back with some more Fantamon TCG updates. I’ve been working hard at Fantamon. August 9th was my last post about Fantamon and you might be thinking that I’ve given up on it. If you thought that you are 100% wrong. Ever since August 9th (which is when I started making Fantamon) I’ve been working hard at it. My past TCGs were great but this one is really the best by far. If you’re interested in seeing what’s up than here are some pictures:

I have been doing my best to make Fantamon a real TCG you can hold in your hands. I’m not going to spoil to much but it will be coming soon. I would show more pictures but I want it to be a surprise. The TCG might be out by Christmas time or maybe a little after. I am very close to having them done. So I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Thanks! And don’t forget to comment down here \/ \/ \/ because I will probably respond if you have any questions. Peace!


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